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Poems by Rothwell Bishop

Rothwell wrote many poems and stories during his lifetime,
of which here are a few.


Though desert life is rigorous
The camel's life is vigorous
In killing heat his master wilts
But he plods on, on padded stilts
At night sometimes his master freezes
But with the cold he never wheezes.
In truth he's learnt a better trick.
His gift
Is to lift
His temperature when it is hot
And lower it when it is not.
Plod on, plod on, you surly brute
I wish I had your thermostute
(I know the word is thermostat,
But couldn't find a rhyme for that.)


Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe
Anyone of a score will do
Begin with the one that's a little tight
The fifty-second on the right


Didn't the barmaid once sham pain?
The answers no, for it was plain
That while no lustful blackguard hit her
Her loving dark stout porter bitter
"Life's rum,"she said, but I'll not wine.
My spirits, though I ale, shall shine.
"Farewell," she cried, "madeirest dear."
And sank down dead upon her beer.


Instant coffees, instant teas
Instant beans and instant peas,
Instant cardboard (as a dish)
They politely say is fish
Instant friendship, "This is Ben".
And what on earth's his cognomen?
Instant bank accounts and cheques,
Instant love and instant sex.
Could it be we're heading for
Instant death and instant war?

-Introduction- -Edwin- -James- -Rothwell- -Alex-

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